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About This Blog

Hi, I’m Jeff Preshing, Canadian computer programmer. Looks like you’ve found my blog. This is where I write about programming-related stuff.

I try to keep it technical, and tend to focus on C++ and Python, but these aren’t strict rules. You could say the main theme throughout this blog is a reverence and fascination for programming. I think it’s incredible to be living in an age where we have these electronic boxes plugged into the wall, which we can program to do useful and amazing things. Given that you are reading on one right now, perhaps you think so too.

I’ve worked in the game industry for 14 years. Until 2015, I worked as a Technical Architect at Ubisoft Montreal, on franchises such as Rainbow Six, Child of Light and Assassin’s Creed. Before that, I spent a few years developing desktop graphics software at Corel.

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